Royal Wedding’s Bishop, Michael Curry, Revealed Shocking News - He Is Fighting Prostate Cancer


July 27, 2018 14:48 By Fabiosa

When we think about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal wedding that took place in May, the first thing that comes to our mind is, of course, the beautiful bride. But the second unforgettable detail is the fiery wedding address, delivered by the American bishop Michael Curry.


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His passionate words touched the hearts of many royal guests as well as millions of people, who watched the wedding in the comfort of their homes.The unconventional speech evoked many emotions, including a few bursts of laughter. Nonetheless, from the happy and content faces of the bride and groom, it was certain the address was a success.


However, when the guests gathered in the St. George’s Chapel, they had no idea that the bishop might be suffering from a terrible illness.

Shocking news

65-year-old Michael Curry announced he is facing a surgery to treat prostate cancer. The bishop was diagnosed a few months ago and it’s very likely he knew he was ill when he traveled to the UK for the royal wedding.

In a statement, Curry assures that 'the prognosis looks very good and quite positive'. The surgery, during which his prostate gland will be removed, will take place on coming Tuesday, July 31. The bishop noted he plans to come back to his duties in September.

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People sent their best wishes

We wish Bishop Curry the best of luck and a successful operation.

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