Meghan McCain Opens Up About Her Father Sen John McCain's Cancer Battle: “I’m Scared Of America Without Him”

Date August 9, 2018

Despite the discouraging diagnose, Sen. John McCain continues to work and fight brain cancer. Unfortunately, Mr. McCain is suffering from glioblastoma, which is an extremely aggressive form of cancer and life expectancy with it is very low.


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The disease is very well-known in the political world. Same cancer took lives of Senator Ted Kennedy and the oldest son of former vice president Joe Biden, Beau. But there is one person who is ready to fight this disease with Sen. McCain – his loving daughter Meghan.

The doting daughter

After learning about her father’s diagnose, she quit Fox and spent as much time with him as possible, joining him at every doctor’s visit. Her devotion is not surprising as Meghan calls her dad “the sun of her universe.”

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In an interview with Glamour she said:

He’s the last person who needs to be sick now because I so need him here, fighting for all the things that we believe in. I’m scared of America without him.

People’s thoughts

The fight is still on

When John McCain was sent back to the hospital for another operation in April, the doctors prepared Meghan that if she wants to say something to her dad, this would be the time. She hesitated for a moment but then firmly said:

 We’ve done that. He knows I love him more than anything, and I know he loves me more than anything. There’s nothing else. What's next?

Meghan will never give up on her dad and there is nothing less than admiration that her courage evokes in us.

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