Royal Expert Claims Prince George Already Feels ‘Resentful’ Towards The Press, Unlike Princess Charlotte

Date August 8, 2018 18:20

Prince George has had no choice but to get used to living under the spotlight. Even though he doesn’t know he will become a king someday, his childhood is far from the normal as he has been growing up under the paparazzi’s flashes.

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Nonetheless, the pressure might be already affecting the little royal, according to a royal expert.

No privacy for the future king

Despite the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to give their children the most ‘normal’ upbringing, they can’t get away from the media world, who yearns to know more about the little royals.


Prince George often looks quite shy in front of the cameras, but a royal expert, Kate Williams, believes he has already developed a dislike towards the press. Williams told Yahoo UK:

Already you can see in George, a little bit of uncertainty and a small bit of resentment towards all the cameras.

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There is no doubt that having to face thousands of camera flashes every day would not be easy for anyone, let along a child.

Princess Charlotte is different

However, it seems that Prince George’s sister, 3-year-old Princess Charlotte, is much more confident with the media’s attention. During the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding, the little princess stole the show as she playfully showed the paparazzi her tongue.


She also acted very confidently when she and her brother, who turned 5 last months, arrived to meet the new addition to the Cambridge family, Prince Louis.


Charlotte was photographed waving her hand and smiling at the cameras, looking quite reminiscent of her great-grandma, the Queen. It might get even more difficult for Prince George as he gets older, but he has a loving family by his side to support and advise him.

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