John Cleese Slams Donald Trump By Calling Him A "Pronoid" And "'Vulgar" After The President's Comment That British ‘Like Him’

Date July 18, 2018 14:56

When it comes to president Trump, he always has his opinion on everything, and, as a rule, it doesn’t matter if this opinion coincides with someone else’s one.

Everyone should like him

In view of his recent visit to the UK, the US president has made a few statements. And one of them was rather subjective. He said: 'I think they like me there'. And that’s what he said despite a threat of protests.

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What is more, the president said they like him because of his immigration policies as well as his attitude towards Theresa May's Brexit strategy.

Opinions differ

However, when it comes to the British themselves, they seem have a different standpoint on Trump’s figure.


John Cleese, in particular, has decided to comment on Trump’s statement and here’s what he said:

What is more, in his following tweet, he called the president "pronoid" and "'vulgar". Such words say a lot about how the British ‘adore’ Trump, right?

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Public reactions

All in all, people have joined Cleese and said Trump wouldn’t gain any respect in the world with everything he does. What is more, people agreed they didn’t like him either, including his nonsense on Twitter.

Anyways, they have a right to say that as well as Trump can publish whatever he wants on his Twitter. Still, it’s not certain he will make people like him this way.

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