Brigitte Macron's Daughter Doesn’t Have Any Intention To Hide How It All Started Between Her 39-Year-Old Mother And 15-Year-Old Future President

Date June 15, 2018 13:18

The couples with a huge age difference aren’t anything new for our society, but such relationship has always been widely discussed by everyone. And when it concerns the president of France, it makes everything even more interesting for people.

The love story of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife, Brigitte, is a hot topic. First of all, because of their age difference of 24 years. They met when Emmanuel was just 15 and Brigitte was 39.


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Tiphaine Auzière, 34, is Brigitte Macron's daughter, and she is the youngest child from her first marriage. It means back then, the girl felt everything her mom was living through, especially when she met the future president of France during one of her drama classes.

The woman remembers her mother coming home after the classes with such words about a “crazy boy in our class who knows everything about everything.”


However, it didn’t make Tiphaine hate her mother and her new love. On the contrary, when the woman was asked to give an interview for a new documentary, she agreed, and here’s what she says about her mom and Emmanuel:

If I have to give a vision of love, its Emmanuel and Mummy. When they are together, it's almost as if the world doesn't exist.

France 3 Hauts-de-France / YouTube

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It seems to be the best proof of how sincere and beautiful their relationships is. However, Twitter users don’t agree with that.


Most of them strongly condemn such a relationship and don’t see it as a decent thing.

Anyways, people will always speak, but the couple has to live their own life. Let’s wish them best of luck.

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