George H.W. Bush Boasts About His Bill Clinton's Face Socks With His 'Great Friend' Standing Next To Him


June 26, 2018 12:58 By Fabiosa

They used to be bitter rivals when competing for the presidency back in 1992. Luckily, the time has corrected everything, and the former foes are now even more than best friends. Some say, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton have more of a father-son relationship.

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And their occasional get-togethers only prove this. Recently, Clinton has paid a visit to his friend and a former president as well. Bush met him with a broad smile and cute socks. He didn’t hesitate to show them off, especially because they had Clinton’s face on them. The 94-year old was lucky to have them freshly laundered on that day. Here’s what he tweeted:

Special visit today with a great friend — and now, a best-selling author. Luckily I had a freshly laundered pair of @BillClinton socks to mark the occasion

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In addition to this, the happy faces of the two former presidents were captured together with a new service dog.

In response to a sweet tweet of the ex-president Bush, Clinton tweeted:

Going up to Maine and spending time with you is one of my favorite times of the year. Happy to see you.

By far, it’s one of the best relationships former rivals might only have! They are lucky to have found each other!

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