Meghan Markle Appeared At The Royal Ascot Without Wearing Her Badge, While Kate Middleton Wasn’t Allowed To Do The Same

Date June 20, 2018

Name pins are a peculiar tradition all royals should abide by when they attend the Queen’s favorite horse races – the Royal Ascot.

Such name tags indicate the admission into the exclusive royal box. However, it’s kind of hilarious given the fact that the royals are the most recognizable people in the country, and it’s hard to mix them with someone else.


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In addition to that, there is an extremely strict dress code both for men and women. In both cases, hats are a must. Then, men should be in full morning dress no matter what the heat is. And ladies' shoulders need to be covered.



But this year came as an exception, as Meghan Markle was noticed not wearing the name tag. It was a surprise because Kate Middleton has never allowed herself anything like that. What is more, it’s only the Queen and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who were noticed without the tag.


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However, later, Meghan was seen holding the badge in her hands. Who knows, maybe, she didn’t just want to attach it to her beautiful dress.


When Twitter users saw that, they have got the reason for such comparisons. Lots of them said it’s time to stop doing that and let them alone. What do you think about that?

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