Meghan Markle Isn’t Original: This Time, She Copies Kate Middleton’s Hairstyle For A Buckingham Palace Reception

Date June 27, 2018

Since Meghan Markle has appeared in the royal family, she’s taken lots of wrong steps, which the Queen didn’t approve of. However, with every new day, the daughter-in-law is becoming more and more in line with all the royal family rules.

More like Kate

Meghan Markle tries to follow all the silent rules Kate Middleton sticks to. First, she’s got it quite fast, it’s not ok for the royals to paint their nails in bright colors. Thus, Meghan always opts for light pink nail polish. What’s more, she seems to get adjusted to wearing nude stockings as well as Kate does.


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This time, Meghan has decided to follow another of Kate’s things – and it’s her hairstyle. It’s only Kate who can have her hair always so elegantly done. And no matter the lengths, she always has these cute natural waves.


The Queen’s Young Leaders reception

For the Queen’s Young Leaders reception held at Buckingham Palace, Meghan opted to look like Kate. And instead of a messy bun, she’s had before, the Duchess of Sussex had wavy locks.


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The new hairdo was perfect with Meghan's Prada dress detailed with two columns of oversized buttons. All in all, together with Prince Harry, the couple looked perfect sitting next to the Queen.


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