Melanie Griffith Doesn’t Want To Hide What She Thinks About Her Daughter Dakota Johnson's Boyfriend Chris Martin

Date May 14, 2018 11:39

In addition to being a supreme actress herself, Melanie Griffith gave birth to not less talented daughter, Dakota Johnson, who now is extremely popular over the globe. And such a talent and charisma couldn’t come from anywhere. In their case, it’s thanks to Tippi Hedren, the mother of Melanie and grandmother of Dakota.

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And as every mother, Melanie Griffith is interested in the private life of her daughter. Dakota is currently dating Chris Martin, Coldplay frontman. That matter was quite worrying for the actress’ mother, but as it appeared later, she is over the moon with the current state of affairs. In one of her interviews Griffith said:

I adore him. But she is very private about her life and I respect that.


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Dakota’s dad doesn’t stay away from his daughter’s relationship. Once he called the affair “troubled”. But after that, he seems to have changed his mind. Now, Don Johnson says he has met Martin, and he wholeheartedly approves the relationship.

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