Mom Saves Her 5-Year-Old Kid By Recording How His Teacher Is Bullying Him In Front Of The Class By Calling Him A 'Loser'

Date July 12, 2018

The problem of bullying has never been more pressing, especially now.

Ways out

And teachers bullying their students is one of the major concerns nowadays. Stuart Twemlow, MD, a psychiatrist who directs the Peaceful Schools and Communities Project at the Menninger Clinic in Houston, has spoken on the topic and here are a few conclusions.

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The most important thing is not to ignore the problem. On the contrary, parents should speak to their kids openly, especially if their behavior has changed. Then, speaking with a teacher might be a good idea, but if this doesn’t help, try complaining higher.

South Florida case

Kandy Escotto is a South Florida woman who has found her 5-year-old son's kindergarten teacher was bullying him and calling him a loser. Naturally, the mother couldn’t leave the situation as it is and hired an attorney to work on the case.

The mother noticed something strange was going on when her son started refusing from going to school.

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Once, the son has even called himself a bad boy because his teacher told him so. That’s why the mother put a recording device in Aaron’s backpack. After checking it, she was shocked.

One of the things the teacher said was:

Aaron, y tu is a losers.

You still don't know how to write. I don't know what to say to your mom. She is driving me crazy. Why is she driving me crazy?

The mother approached the school’s principal, but it was in vain, and the only option was to remove the boy from the classroom.

Public reactions

People immediately started condemning the teacher. They said it’s good she’s been finally caught. There were even those who said such teachers are a reason kids bring guns to school now.

Do you agree?

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