Naughty-Naughty Boy: Prince George Breaks A Fundamental Royal Rule By Wearing Pants To The Royal Wedding

Date May 23, 2018

There’s a valid reason we always see Prince George wearing shorts. The thing is it is a distinctive feature of the boys. It indicates they belong to a higher social class.


This practice is considered an unspoken royal tradition lots of generations adhere to.

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However, we’ve recently witnessed a major violation of the rule, when Prince George, who is only 4, appeared at the wedding of his uncle, Prince Harry, in pants!

The little one has immediately become a trend-setter and gathered lots of attention owing to his look.



Nevertheless, wearing pants, he didn’t get any less cute!

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Twitter exploded with funny comments at once! Some people were happy for the little prince wearing pants for the 1st time in his life.

Others called it the biggest fashion moment in the history.

And it’s truly so! Let’s wait to see if the royal parents continue the tendency!  

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Prince George