Prince William Has An Alter-Ego? He Looked Too Handsome Visiting Scotland As The Earl Of Strathearn

Date July 12, 2018

The Duke of Cambridge has too many social engagements recently, and he appears to be pretty good at it.

The Earl of Strathearn?

A few days ago, Prince William has paid a visit to Scotland and has had some official engagements there. However, one of the most notable things about his trip was the fact that on the territory of Scotland, the Duke of Cambridge changed his name to the Earl Of Strathearn.

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Yet, no worries, there isn’t anything major going on. The thing is the Earl Of Strathearn is his title in Scotland. Yes, as easy as that.

The Earl of Strathearn in a stunning military uniform

All in all, Prince William had a couple of important social events during the visit. Of course, one of the major ones was his visit to an Annual Service of Commemoration at the Scottish National War Memorial at Edinburgh Castle. He commemorated those who died in conflicts from 1914 to today.

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For the occasion, The Earl of Strathearn wore an official military uniform and looked just amazing in it.


Public reactions

People loved such an image of Prince William straight away. He showed a huge deal of respect for Scotland and its people. Lots of Twitter users have noted it’s great the royal family takes its time to remember Scottish war heroes.

Thank you, Prince William!

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Prince William