Princess Eugenie Breaks Protocol: Posting Such A Photo With Prince Andrew Was A Mistake

Date June 13, 2018

Princess Eugenie is one of the major royal protocol breakers in the royal family. She’s one of those who has her own Instagram account and posts there some glimpses of her family’s life. Recently, the Princess of York has posted a rare photo of her parents and a sister Beatrice from their childhood. The family looks pretty happy in the picture.

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A personal Instagram account isn’t the only major royal protocol break, and Princess Eugenie is a profit at it. She’s delighted her fans with a picture of her father, Prince Andrew. The peculiarity of the photo is an assumption it was taken in the hallway outside the prince’s offices, in an area not normally open to members of the public.


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Queen Elizabeth doesn’t seem to be too happy with Princess Eugenie.


The princess can't stand royal dress code. On various occasions, she proves that by not wearing stocking and not abiding by the hemline rule.

Anyways, she seems to be happy, so let’s wish the princess all the best!

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Princess Eugenie