Ivanka Trump Makes A Special Gift For Her Dad On His Birthday And Shares It With Everyone On Instagram!

Date June 14, 2018

Hurray! It’s celebration time! The President of the United States, Donald Trump, celebrates his 72nd birthday!

He is the 45th President, and June 14th has appeared to be his day! Still, the respectful age doesn’t make the President a know-it-all man. He is still open to new horizons and knowledge. His wealth gathered over the years makes him the richest president of the US so far.


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Still, it’s necessary to admit the family is the biggest treasure the President has. And his daughter has decided to extend her wishes to the beloved father in a special way. Ivanka Trump, who works side by side with her dad in the White House, has shared some sweet memories on her Instagram!


Such a throwback in time seemed to be to the point on such an important occasion. The daughter captioned the photos with a sweet phrase – "I love you." It seems to be one of the best presents a father can get from his daughter.


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Twitter users have reacted to such a post immediately. Lots of them joined Ivanka and wished the President a happy birthday on his big day. At the same time, they admitted how adorable such childhood memories are.


Let’s do the same and with the President all the best!

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