Keith Lemon Lets His Hair Down In The Actual Sense And Shocks All His Famous Friends With His Appearance

Date June 27, 2018

So far, Keith Lemon has been one of the brightest, funniest, and most charismatic personalities in the British media. With his appearance, he’s brought lots of fun and laughter.

The man of many faces

And in addition to being a perfect host, he is a master of changing his appearances.

This time, he’s joined the Kardashian’s family and shared his photo on Instagram. The resemblance is just striking! The sisters will definitely take him as one of them. And here’s how Keith captioned the photo:

The Big fat gypsy Kardashian’s are back in Keith Lemon Coming in America this July on @itv2

He's a perfect Sharon Stone as well: 

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Letting his hair down

The Celebrity Juice host is well-recognized for his long, glossy, and perfect hair. The man has recently shared his photo in a garden with his hair all down. This photo has gathered so many favorable comments that it’s just hard to imagine! People complimented Keith and admitted he’s looking younger and younger every day.

Lots of his celebrity friends have said his hair is to die for and set themselves a goal to reach the same hair length.

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People envy him

Twitter exploded immediately, and his fans suggested Keith could join any hair product advert right away! His locks of flowing hair are simply amazing! Such photo was one of those extremely rare occasions when Keith didn’t wear it in a ponytail. And people loved it!

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