“Typical Jewish Grandmother”: Josh Brolin Opens Up About What Kind Of A Grandmother Barbra Streisand Is Going To Be

Date June 22, 2018 17:23

It’s happened! Finally, Josh Brolin has some really fascinating news for us! Recently, he’s decided to share on Instagram the terrific thing.

He’s going to be a father very soon! His wife, Kathryn Boyd, is now carrying their first child together. By the way, it’s going to be a baby girl.

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And the baby’s stepgrandma, Barbra Streisand, seems to be over the moon with the news. Brolin has revealed she is a perfect granny. In fact, he called her “very typical Jewish grandmother.” Here’s exactly what he said:

She is really into it, and I love that she is into it. I mean, it’s like very typical Jewish grandmother who is saturated by this event. It’s awesome.

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Boyd has got Streisand a bracelet saying ‘Grandma’, and she started crying. Wouldn’t you say it’s cute? The 76-year-old actress must be over the moon with happiness!


And Boyd seems to love her as well. Once, he posted a touching message wishing the actress a happy birthday. That’s what we call a perfect relationship with his stepmother.

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