Super Slim Melania Trump Parades In Her $200 Ralph Lauren Striped Dress As She Travels With Donald Trump

Date July 24, 2018 21:17

Melania is well-known for her outstanding outfits for every occasion. She is expected to be stylish, but every time she goes further than that.

Her stunning European trip outfits

Melania Trump's dresses during the official trip to Europe with Donald Trump have been a hit. Her bright outfits made a huge impression on everyone, and her stunning canary yellow dress for dinner with Theresa May topped all charts possible.

Then, she opted for a Gucci pale yellow jacket coat with a butterfly-shaped belt buckle to meet the Finnish presidential couple and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

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Back to black?

Now that the First Lady's back to Washington D.C., she has returned to wearing dark colors. For the arrival, she has chosen a low-key $200 Ralph Lauren striped dress with two slits and a form-fitting high-waisted belt, which complemented her perfect body.

The ensemble was embellished with her go-to sunglasses and a pair of sky-high navy $625 Manolo Blahnik stilettos.

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Using a double?

Such a drastic change of image couldn’t go unnoticed. Especially, in view of the recent rumors and assumptions about Melania using a doppelganger. It was suggested in a social media post, which implied that the First Lady wasn’t looking quite herself.

Nevertheless, it’s great she always tries to look amazing. This woman represents the US abroad, and it’s her duty to look outstanding no matter what.

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