Samantha Markle Rejected Her Cashing In On Her Royal Sister But Worked For Sympathy, Claiming: "We All Have To Survive"

Date July 25, 2018

There were lots of rumors about Meghan Markle way before she joined the royal family. However, some of those were created not by people who don’t know her, but rather close members of her family.

Why a change of tone?

And her sister, Samantha, was one of them. She’s been talking a lot about Meghan. Right after the wedding, she’s been very rough on Meghan for her not paying enough attention to their ill and heartbroken father. But now, she has suddenly changed her tone.

In her recent interview, the sister is rather calm and just says that their father is old, and that he's worried about his daughter Meghan.

Good Morning Britain / YouTube

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Not cashing in?

What is more, Samantha Markle denies her cashing in on her royal sister when being asked that. Instead, here’s what the sister said:

Money makes the world go round.


Then, Samantha added:

No one in the media would refuse a paycheck for talking about the royals and, as a family, we’re not subject to royal protocol, certainly here, in America. If you want to call it cashing in, I think that’s a little bit ridiculous.


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People say

After all those interviews Samantha has given, people have made their conclusions.

As a rule, they just don’t believe her and say it’s no wonder she wasn’t invited to the wedding.

In fact, when someone becomes famous, it becomes crystal-clear who is your real friend, and who just wants to cash in on your popularity.

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