Loving Mother Serena Williams Hasn’t Left Her Baby Daughter Olimpia For A Single Day Since She Was Born

Date July 20, 2018

Despite being a successful professional tennis player, Serena Williams has proved she is a caring mother to her baby daughter, Olimpia.

Message to mothers

"You can do it!" – that’s what Serena Williams told all mothers in the world after her loss at the Wimbledon final match with Angelique Kerber.

No matter what, Serena gathered all of her strength and stood in front of the cameras to put motivation into other women’s hearts. She, like no other, knows how to be a working mom. Moreover, now she knows how hard it is to get her career back.

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Not a day apart

Career is important, but nothing is more important than your kids. And it seems to be the point Serena Williams sticks to. Turns out, she hasn't left her baby daughter Olimpia even for a single day.

That’s what the tennis player has tweeted about in a special and touching way.

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Fans' reactions

Serena’s fans were more than thrilled to see such a post. They immediately started writing touching messages full of encouragement and pleasant words. People wished all the best both to her and her baby, and sent them all kinds of blessings.

Her motivational speech and motherly behavior, on the whole, should serve as a great encouragement for mothers who face similar problems.

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Serena Williams