Unexpected Concert Cancellation: Tom Jones’ Stansted Park Concert Won’t Take Place Because Of His Illness

Date July 19, 2018

It’s almost certain there is no person in the world who hasn’t heard of Tom Jones. His music is everywhere, and there are more and more people who want to get to his concerts.

Legendary singer

Tom Jones is a legendary singer with fans all over the world. His most treasured possession is his voice, and it’s hard to dispute that. He’s been one of the coaches on the TV show The Voice. And his latest album – Spirit In The Room – has gotten lots of recognition both among celebrities and his fans.

Concert cancellation

Tom Jones has just canceled Stansted Park concert. It happened just hours before the performance. Such an abrupt decision was explained by the singer’s illness. It’s been said he felt unwell, and it was the doctors’ recommendations not to perform.

Of course, all the ticket holders were promised to get a full refund as long as the contact their point of purchase.

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Fans reactions

In such situation, the only thing his loyal fans could do is to wish Sir John all the best and to get well soon. And that’s exactly what they all did.

We are all human, and even Sir John might have his bad days. Let’s wish him to get better very soon!

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