Designer Of Meghan Markle's Stunning Yellow Dress Shares A Secret About Why He Made Such An Unusual Color Choice

Date July 19, 2018

It seems like Meghan Markle looks stunning everytime and everywhere. Her images are always impeccable and, partially, it’s due to the stylists and designers she works with.

Stunning Meghan

Recently, the beauty Meghan Markle looked just striking in her sunshine yellow dress at the Commonwealth Youth event. It took place at London’s Marlborough House.


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The Duchess of Sussex was standing by her husband’s side when he was delivering a speech. But it was hard not to notice the beauty herself in a stunning yellow dress by designer Brandon Maxwell, who was actually Lady Gaga's stylist in the past.


Designer’s choice

In fact, the designer has confessed that dressing Meghan Markle was one of the 'happiest' days of his life. And the fact that he has worked with lots of celebrities before doesn’t diminish the honor of working with Meghan.

It was the first time she wore an outfit by a male American designer to a public event. And here’s what the designer said on the color choice for Meghan:

It was a major color! When the fabric came in, it wasn’t what I expected, but I have to give credit to each woman in my office, because they really championed for that color, and it’s gone on to do so well for us.

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Fans just loved the dress

Everyone was in love with the dress and its color, let alone Meghan’s fans. They were crazy about it, and the fact the dress was sold out in 20 minutes says a lot about that.

There were lots of pleasant words concerning her outfit, but the one that clearly described the effect was just ‘WOW’.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to go with your guts and trust women as Brandon Maxwell did, right?

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