Patrick Dempsey Saves His Marriage And Brings His Wife Jillian To The Place Where They Got Married To Celebrate Their 19th Wedding Anniversary

Date August 2, 2018

Not giving up on something is a whole art. People try to learn this lesson all the time, but Patrick Dempsey has shown everyone on his example it’s hard but possible.

Marriage as a priority

Early in 2015, Patrick Dempsey shocked his fans with the news his wife of 15 years, Jillian Fink, and her hubby were going to end their marriage. However, as it appeared later, the couple has decided to give it a try. They both weren’t ready to give up on their marriage and agreed there was still a space for work and development.


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19th wedding anniversary surprise

Now, it seems they have worked out a lot of issues and are on the right path. The couple has recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary and it couldn’t get any more romantic.


To mark the occasion the husband took his wife to the place they celebrated their wedding. He didn’t forget to share the news on Instagram and add a cute picture of them.

Jillian, in her turn, did the same, and shared a photo of them together on Instagram as well, captioning it:

Gorgeous arrangement! Happy 19th Anniversary.

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Fans wish the couple happy anniversary

The actor’s fans were thrilled to read such a news and wished them well and happy anniversary. It was a great thing the husband did for his wife and people were happy to see them both as a family again.

 patrickdempsey / Instagram


Making marriage work is hard but if Patrick did that, then everyone else can. He’s an inspiration to many and can teach others to pursue their dreams.

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