People Slam Ivanka Trump For Her Attempt To 'Clarify' Oped On Breastfeeding Policy

Date July 24, 2018

Some people say breastfeeding is the most natural thing ever and opposing to it poses a threat to the whole nation.

The US opposes breastfeeding?

It came out of the blue as the delegates of the United States tried to weaken a World Health Assembly resolution that originally was aimed at encouraging breastfeeding. The delegates tried to change the wording so that the interests of infant-formula manufacturers were at an advantage.


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Ivanka Trump has her say

Ivanka Trump must have probably though she has to say something on the matter. So she posted on her Twitter a “clarifying” opinion piece by federal health officials published on Friday in the New York Post.

She said there was a kind of misinformation circulating and this post was a clarification. Trump didn’t specify what misinformation she was referring to.

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That’s how Twitter users react

People have started condemning her dad for supporting the formula industry. Some of that said it wasn’t misinformation but it was a deliberate step of the administration. There were also those who accused Ivanka in her fake concern in the matter.

Anyways, people should take care of themselves and their kids and check the information that’s handed to them.

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Ivanka Trump