Princess Beatrice And Prince Eugenie Complain About The Hardships Of Living In A Public Eye

Date August 2, 2018

Sisters Beatrice and Eugenie and their lives are so interesting to many people that even the British Vogue wants to have a talk with them.

British Vogue interview

Princess Beatrice and Prince Eugenie have recently become new fashion divas after they had given a special interview to the British Vogue.


It came quite as a surprise as these women weren’t exactly what style icons look like, especially at Prince William’s wedding. However, they hired a stylist to work on their images and here they come with an interview in Vogue.


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Hard living in a public eye

In a special interview to the British Vogue sisters discuss lots of matters but what touches most is their revelation about how hard it is to live in a public eye. They understand their status and that’s why it’s even harder.

However, that makes them repeat from time to time they are ‘real’ as well. Here’s what Princess Eugenie stressed upon when speaking about her joining Instagram in March:

It’s so easy to recoil when you see a perfect image, but it’s important that it’s real. We’re real.

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Princess Eugenie’s touching tribute

Despite minor tiffs, the sisters try to keep their relationship as friendly as possible. They love each other and don’t forget to show it. Recently Princess Eugenie has posted a touching tribute to her sister urging her to live fearlessly and not to get disheartened.

That’s how real princesses thank to each other. They are real and so are other people, and no social media can’t ruin that.

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Princess Beatrice