Trump Gets Slapped In The Face With A New Poll Results On The Best President In Americans' Lifetime, While Obama Tops The List

Date July 12, 2018

Life often throws lots of unexpected surprises for us, and they aren’t necessarily those pleasant ones. Especially, when you condemn someone, and in the end, it appears you were wrong.

Wasn’t Trump right?

That’s exactly what has happened to Donald Trump when speaking about his harsh comments about Barack Obama and his presidential term.


The thing is back in 2016, Trump shared a negative tweet about Barack Obama, claiming he was the worst president of the USA ever.

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People have decided otherwise

However, now Donald seems to be smacked in the face as history and people have decided otherwise, and his predictions didn’t come true.


And as it has appeared from a new poll, most Americans have a totally different opinion. According to their votes, Obama tops the public list of the best president in their lifetime. He is followed by Clinton and Reagan.

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Public reactions

After all, it was just Trump’s personal opinion and it differs from one of the millions of people. After the results of the poll have been published, people started discussing it. Some agreed with it while others disapproved of what they saw. Some of them have even changed Obama’s name to Barack Hussein Obama.

And who would you vote for in such a poll?

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