When Time Has No Power: Helen Mirren Shows Off Her Beautiful Blooming Dress At The Royal Ascot

Date June 25, 2018

Every year, Royal Ascot isn’t only a reason for those who love horses to watch them taking part in races but also to show themselves and their new outfits and gorgeous hats.

It’s everyone from the Queen to other representatives of a high social class that come to the event. What’s more, it’s one of the most favorite events of the Queen, as she attends it every year since the 50s.


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There was everyone from the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex, Princess Beatrice and her family, Kirsty Gallacher, Princess Anne, Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall. Still, it’s Helen Mirren who caught lots of public attention with her absolutely stunning dress.



The woman stunned all those present with her flower dress and amazing light pink hat that matched her outfit. Everything in her image was outstanding – starting with makeup and ending with shoes. The woman knows how to impress even in her age.



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A lot of people agreed Helen Mirren was just amazing! Some have even compared her beauty to the one of a Queen! And she totally deserves it, right?

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Royal Ascot