Disrespecting The Queen? People Accuse Donald Trump Of Keeping Her Majesty Waiting For 15 Minutes

Date July 16, 2018

It finally happened! On July 13, Donald and Melania Trump arrived at Windsor Castle for a historic meeting with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

But it looks like the visit didn’t go as planned

Apparently, the 45th president and his wife kept the monarch waiting for 10-15 minutes. To be fair, they arrived on time. But when it comes to the royal family and the Queen, in particular, you should always arrive early.


As a result, the 92-year-old was photographed waiting for the presidential couple outside. And what was even worse, she was standing there in the summer heat, wearing a coat and a hat.

Isn’t it awkward?


It’s no surprise Twitter folks were outraged, as they rushed to the social platform, criticizing Trump for keeping the Queen waiting.

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Here are just some of the angry reactions posted

But this was not the only thing that sent the internet into frenzy. It looks like the president and the First Lady failed to bow in front of Her Majesty.

And on top of it, while taking a walk with the Queen to inspect the Guard of Honor, the American president was walking in front of her, which many believe was rude and disrespectful.

What do you think about the Trumps’ visit?

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