What Is The Fascinating History Behind Camilla Parker Bowles' Engagement Ring From Prince Charles?

Date June 29, 2018

Just like any other royal lady, Duchess Camilla can boast about having a stunning collection of jewelry, including brooches, rings, necklaces, and earrings.


Besides, the 70-year-old often borrows expensive items from Queen Elizabeth II and is often seen wearing jewelry that once belonged to the Queen Mother. But there’s one piece of jewelry that doesn’t get attention it deserves.

What is it?

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We’re talking about a huge ring Camilla wears on her wedding finger. Actually, this gem has a fascinating history. As it turns out, it used to belong to Prince Charles’ beloved grandmother, the Queen Mother.


In the 80s, she was often seen donning the flashy ring at various official events. And while some may think it was the jewel King George VI used to propose to Queen Elizabeth, it wasn’t her engagement ring.


You can’t deny the fact that the heirloom looks impressive. Estimated at around $290 thousand, it features an art deco design and a 5-carat diamond in the center, paired with 3 diamond baguettes on both sides.


This ring is just one of numerous items the Duchess of Cornwall owns from Queen Elizabeth’s collection. But unfortunately, many people believe Camilla doesn’t deserve them.

But such a gem should surely not be locked away!

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