Did Meghan Markle Forget To Curtsy To Queen Elizabeth, Thus Upsetting The Monarch?

Date May 21, 2018

Those watching the royal wedding broadcast might have asked a question: why did the Queen have a blank expression all the time? Yes, the monarch looked very serious, and some people believed this facial expression had something to do with Duchess Meghan!

The beautiful bride (who undoubtedly looked stunning in her Givenchy wedding dress!) bent her knee to Elizabeth II in the past. But some royal watchers thought she didn’t curtsy to the Queen in the chapel.


According to the tradition, Meghan should have curtseyed to her husband’s grandmother, as she was leaving the wedding venue. But there was no such crucial moment caught on camera.


Of course, royal fans flood social media platforms, asking whether Markle broke another tradition and upset the Queen.


Here are some of the angry tweets shared

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Surely, Harry and Meghan broke numerous traditions on May 19, but this was not one of them. The newly appointed duchess did perform the respectful gesture to Elizabeth II.

Unfortunately, a camera blunder and unusual editing didn’t allow fans to see the exact moment of Meghan doing a curtsy. Upon close inspection of the wedding clip, one might notice that the camera panned to a wide shot instead of showing the bride.

So, don’t worry! Whatever the reason for the Queen’s blank expression was – it was definitely not Meghan’s snub!

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