Becoming Americans? Melania Trump’s Parents Visit Citizenship Office But "Want To Keep It Private"

Date May 3, 2018

We all know Donald Trump promised to crack down immigration in his presidential campaign. But it looks like there will be two more citizens of the United States soon – Viktor and Amalija Knavs.


Currently, the parents of the First Lady are green cardholders. They immigrated legally and became permanent residents of the country shortly after their daughter Melania became the U.S. citizen.


Most likely, the Knavses relied on a family reunification process. And ironically, the president wants to end this “chain migration” because he believes it hurts national security and economy.


A few days ago, Donald Trump’s in-laws were seen visiting one of the federal building known for housing immigration offices. So, it’s likely that the two are now in the process of applying for citizenship.

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The family didn’t comment on their visit. As their lawyer, Michael Wildes, says, Amalija and Viktor want to keep things private. And since they are not part of the administration, they surely deserve their privacy.


But how did Melania move to the United States in the first place?

The former model came to the country in 1996 for work on a visitor’s visa and a work permit. But surprisingly, she soon obtained a green card in the elite EB-1 program. This “Einstein visa” is given to people with extraordinary abilities, such as Olympians, Oscar-winning actors, academic researchers, and many more.


But the First Lady has insisted on multiple occasions that she violated no laws while entering the country.

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