Cuteness Overload! Toddlers Recreate Meghan Markle And Prince Harry's Wedding In A Cute Photo Shoot


May 25, 2018 15:42 By Fabiosa

From London to Los Angeles, the world was celebrating the royal nuptials that took place on May 19. Some flew to Windsor to witness the most anticipated wedding of the year.

Some stayed home, watching the ceremony broadcast. And some had more creative ways of celebration.

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In New York City, artist Tricia Messeroux decided to give the wedding a mini-me treatment. She found mini-Harry and mini-Meghan to recreate the iconic moments from the ceremony.


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Judging by a sneak peek video released on YouTube, the recreation was cuteness overload! Mini-Meghan was dressed in a beautiful white dress that resembled the Givenchy gown worn by the Duchess of Sussex on her big day.

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Meanwhile, royal doppelganger rocked an all-black ensemble and a ginger scruff that was painted onto his face. The mini-bride also had a flower bouquet and a shiny tiara that resembled the one that Meghan wore at Windsor Castle.

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These kids are royally cute, aren’t they?

Apart from mini-Meghan and mini-Harry, Tricia also completed the shoot by casting a cellist and a reverend. Toddlers imitated American Bishop Michael Curry and musician Sheku Kanneh-Mason.

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Mini-Meghan was extremely proud to become the Duchess of Sussex for one day. And it’s no wonder why.

The former actress became a role model and an example for young girls to follow. Being of a mixed race, the 36-year-old broke the barrier of who can be married into the royal family, changing the perception about race all over the country.

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