Donald Trump Hugs And Kisses Black Mom Of Gunned-Down Police Officer

Date May 16, 2018

Donald Trump has a documented history of bias toward non-whites. He complained about immigrants from Africa and Mexico, he said Nigerians were living in “huts,” and he described black neighborhoods as fit for animals.

But now, the president has shown that when it comes to support, we’re all the same.

On May 15, the 71-year-old delivered remarks at the National Peace Officers' Memorial Service. He urged people to end the attacks on the police and advocated death penalty for those killing police officers.

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A year ago, Detective Miosotis Familia was the first policewoman to die in the line on duty since 9/11. It’s no wonder the president mentioned her in his speech, asked if Familia’s family were in the audience, and invited them on the stage.


What melted our hearts was the moment the president greeted the detective’s black 90-year-old mom, gave her a hug, kissed her on the forehead and cheek, and asked people to applause.


He even complimented her:

You look like 55, maybe, 55? Boy I tell you what, you got up those stairs better than I did. Thank you sweetheart.


When Familia’s children, sister, and mother were ready to leave the stage, Trump asked them to stay so that they could go down together, another touching gesture that didn’t leave the audience indifferent.

The folks on the Internet also rushed to various social media platforms to react to it. While some comments were nice and heartwarming, some were not as sweet.

What do you think about the president’s gesture?

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