Lara Trump Pays Tribute To Donald Trump For Releasing Alice Marie Johnson But Gets Criticized For It

Date June 19, 2018

The second son of Donald Trump, Eric, and his wife Lara are probably the most normal and least controversial Trump couple. The two lead a pretty normal life, raising their newborn son Luke and caring for two dogs.


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They avoid scandals and speculations, including such topics as collision with Russia and the president’s sexual misconduct allegations. And while they usually stay away from discussing Donald Trump and his actions, Lara couldn’t help but gush over her father-in-law this time.


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A few days ago, the 72-year-old commuted the life prison sentence of Alice Marie Johnson who spent more than 2 decades in jail. She was punished for a non-violent drug conviction, and many believe the punishment was horribly unjust.


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To pay tribute to Donald Trump, Lara wrote an opinion post on Fox, praising him for giving the single mother another chance at life. And now, she asks all the U.S. citizens to give her father-in-law a chance to show that he’s a great president:

The Donald Trump I know is the Donald Trump that Alice Marie Johnson now knows. And, if more Americans get the chance, this is the Donald Trump they’ll come to know, too.


Alice Johnson was imprisoned in 1996 during Clinton administration, and she was denied a pardon three times during Obama’s presidency. But when Donald Trump learned about this miscarriage of justice, he did everything he could to restore it.


According to Lora, prison reforms and economic policies that the president plans to pursue will positively affect imprisoned Americans, as they will include releases for good behavior, job training, and life counseling, among many things. And this is not it:

President Trump is also fighting injustice through his economic policies – a combination of tax cuts, deregulation, and fair trade policies.

While many people supported Lora in her arguments, even more criticized her and the president, commenting on his alleged sexual assaults, adultery, and business failures. Here are just some of the comments shared:

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