Meghan Markle's Dad Was Paid More Than $9,000 To Share Details Of Her Relationship With Prince Harry On TV

Date June 19, 2018

A few days ago, Thomas Markle Sr. gave his very first interview on the UK television following the royal wedding and his surgery. As well known, the 73-year-old didn’t attend Meghan’s nuptials because of health conditions. But he watched the ceremony back in the United States and has much to say about his daughter and Prince Harry’s relationship.


To appear live on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the man was paid more than $9,000. In his turn, Mr. Markle revealed the details of Meghan and Harry’s relationship, his thoughts on the royals, and private conversations with the royal prince.


Both newlyweds and Kensington Palace officials didn’t know anything about the interview, so they could not prevent it. So, what did Thomas say about the royals?

As Mr. Markle revealed, he and Harry had never met, but they had been talking over the phone about politics, sharing views on Donald Trump and Brexit.

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The sixth in line to the throne also asked for a permission to Marry Meghan over the phone. And Thomas gladly gave it on a condition that Harry would never ‘raise his hand’ against the former actress.

Of course, the father and the son-in-law talked about how Harry and Meghan had met and how they felt about each other.

Good Morning Britain / YouTube

Kensington Palace didn’t comment on the interview, but Thomas’ decision to accept payment caused mixed reactions among Internet users:

Just a few weeks ago, the man was involved in a scandal where he staged fake paparazzi photos. And the fact that he agreed to selling private details of his daughter’s relationship instead of discussing the interview beforehand with her might be frustrating for the royal couple.

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