Prince Harry Will Have To Choose Between Wearing Uniform And Keeping His Beard On The Wedding Day

Date May 11, 2018

Royal wedding of Prince Harry and his American beauty Meghan Markle is fast approaching. And as the event is highly likely to be steeped in royal protocol traditions, there will be many rules the royal prince and his bride-to-be will have to follow.


For example, the protocol dictates that the prince’s family should seat on the right in the church. It’s also likely that Harry will not wear a wedding ring. But there’s one more thing he might not wear – his beard.


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It’s expected that the 33-year-old will tie the knot with Meghan in a military uniform. And if he is not clean shaven, he may not be able to do it.


If Harry decides to leave his beard, he will probably have to wear a suit instead of a uniform. A hard choice to make, isn’t it?

Actually, the Queen was not impressed with her grandson growing a beard from the very beginning. She doesn’t mind when royal men grow it in the military. But when they get home, she expects them to have no facial hair.


Harry’s brother William and father Charles were also beardless on their big days.


Will Harry follow this tradition as well?

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