Queen's Mini-Me! Princess Charlotte Adorably Copies Her Great-Grandma's Wave As She Greets The Crowd

Date November 15, 2018

She is just three years old, but Princess Charlotte already bears a striking resemblance to her great-grandma. When you look at the photos of the two royals, you can see an uncanny resemblance, as they share similar facial features.


The Queen and her little great-granddaughter share the same distinctive eyes and the same shape of mouth and chin. On top of it, the 3-year-old also displays incredible confidence. And it looks like she enjoys imitating the monarch.


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During the Trooping The Colour celebrations, the royal family gathered on the balcony. And while most eyes were on the Queen, some eagle-eyed royal watchers spotted an adorable moment involving Princess Charlotte.


In the video below, the youngster is seen clapping. But when Charlotte spotted Elizabeth II waving to the crowd, she decided to follow the lead.

The Duchess Catherine picked up on the sweet moment and even alerted her husband, Prince William, to what their girl was up to. And with this little wave, their daughter has definitely won new fans from all over the world.


Just take a look at all the positive comments the Internet users shared on Twitter, while gushing over the youngster:

A real Queen’s mini-me!

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