Say Goodbye To Gabby! Monica Raymund Leaves ‘Chicago Fire’ And Posts A Touching Message

Date May 17, 2018

If you worry that your favorite ‘Chicago Fire’ will not be renewed for the next season, you can now breathe out with relief! In fact, all of Wolf’s dramas on NBC are renewed, including the show’s spinoffs ‘Chicago Med’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’

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Sadly, there will be changes in the original cast. Monica Raymund, one of the most prominent female actresses on the show, announced she is leaving the drama.

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The star took to Twitter to share the news with her followers. In a touching tweet, she thanked the crew, cast, and fans for an unforgettable experience:

It has been an honor to play Dawson on ‘Chicago Fire’ and one of the most meaningful experiences of my life.

Raymund has been on the show since it aired back in 2012. Now, she thinks it’s time for her to move on to the next chapter in her life.

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What about her character, Gabby Dawson? She will probably head to Puerto Rico where she will join a team of volunteer paramedics.


While we will definitely miss Monica, we’re happy to reveal that Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, and Eamonn Walker signed one-year extensions and will be back in season 7.

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As for David Eigenberg, the talks with him have not started yet.

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