Son Surprises His Mom With A Car 12 Years After She Sold The Same Model To Fund His Music Career

Date June 22, 2018 16:22

Parents’ love for their children knows no boundaries. Even if they don’t have much, they are still willing to give their kids the best. In return, there’s one important lesson for children to learn: appreciate their parents and be always grateful to them. And this man has definitely learned it.

When Ross Rothero-Bourge was 17, he was a touring musician who worked at different festivals and had to transport gear in a trailer attached to his Renault Megane, which was extremely inconvenient and probably illegal. He was in a desperate need of a van, and his mother, Lynette Rothero, was worried he could end up in an accident.

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So, the woman part-exchanged her Ford StreetKa, the only vehicle she’d ever owned from new, to buy her son a van and help him with his music career. She cried when she had to give it away, so Ross swore that as soon as he could afford it, he would make it up to his mother.

12 years later, he finally did it! Now that he is a successful sound engineer, the man surprised Lynette with a blue roadster, the same model she owned more than a decade ago! The man came to his mom’s house and asked her:

Look, did your car look like that before you left your Zumba class?

Ross Rothero-Bourge / Facebook

Worried woman rushed outside, and when Ross threw the keys to her, she finally noticed the swanky car and burst into tears, hugging her son.

Ross Rothero-Bourge / Facebook

The car turned out to be nearly identical – of the same color and the same year. And Lynette was absolutely delighted to take a ride in it.

Ross Rothero-Bourge / Facebook

Lots of people took to Facebook to tell Ross that what he has done is amazing. Here are some of the heartwarming comments left: