Where's Melania? First Lady Has Been Absent For 2 Weeks Since Undergoing Surgery

Date May 28, 2018 15:07

On May 14, First Lady Melania Trump’s office made a surprise announcement when they revealed that the Slovenian beauty had undergone a kidney surgery. Luckily, it was successful, but the 48-year-old still had to remain at the hospital till the end of the week.


There were many people worried, so Melania posted an update on her health as well as thanked doctors and other staff members for their hard work. But since May 16, there has been no news about her.


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It’s known that the president’s wife returned to White House on May 19. But she has been completely out of the spotlight ever since.

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So, where is Melania?

When asked about his wife’s health, Donald Trump reassured the public she was doing great. He even pointed to the White House’s second floor and said she was looking at reporters from there. But in reality, there was no sign of her in the window.

Melania’s spokeswoman also confirmed the First Lady was doing well, but her return to public life remains a mystery. Actually, a long hospital stay is very unusual for such a medical procedure. As Dr. Eleanor D. Lederer described it:

You go in, you have it done, you lie in bed for a while to keep the blood vessel from bleeding and then you go home.


The 48-year-old was last spotted in public on May 10, when greeted three Americans who came back home after having being hostage in North Korea.



We hope Melania Trump is doing well and will come back to the spotlight soon!

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