Arnold Schwarzenegger Criticizes Trump After Meeting With Putin: 'You Stood There Like A Little Wet Noodle'

Date July 18, 2018

A few days ago, two presidents, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, met in Finland to discuss some of the burning issues, including nuclear power, Syria, Crimea, and election meddling. Actually, the last point was the one that sent everyone into frenzy.

What was it?

When the American president was asked if he believed the US intelligence agencies’ conclusions that Russia interfered with the elections in 2016, he seemed to take Putin’s side instead.

President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.


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Following the conference, the 72-year-old faced a sharp backlash. Take, for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former California governor took to various social media platforms to share a video post in which he called the meeting ‘embarrassing’:

I mean, you stood there like a little wet noodle, like a little fanboy.

Schwarzenegger then sarcastically added that he expected the American president to even ask Putin for a ‘selfie’ or an ‘autograph’. But this was not it! The vocal Trump critic ended his video by criticizing the president for selling out his country:

You literally sold out at this press conference our intelligence community, our justice system and worst of all our country.

How did the public react?

The reactions were mixed, as some completely agreed with Arnold’s opinions and even revealed they wouldn’t mind if he ran for office.

Meanwhile, some hit back at Schwarzenegger, saying that Donald Trump is the best president.

What do you think?

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