Going Strong At 101! Michael Douglas Reveals His Dad Kirk Still Works Out With A Personal Trainer

Date July 19, 2018

Kirk Douglas’ life is a great example that shows you can achieve anything if you work hard enough. Since his early childhood, he dreamed about becoming an actor and gaining worldwide popularity.

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But first, he had to work as a waiter and a security guard to help his family. He then had difficulty landing roles until one day, his close friend, Lauren Bacall, suggested he should go play in The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers. Following this film, the legendary actor appeared in numerous hit movies and won plenty of prestigious awards.


Now, Kirk is 101; he’s still enjoying life and is not intended to slow down. As his son, 73-year-old Michael Douglas, revealed on Lorraine, one of the last representatives of Hollywood’s golden era still works out and even has a personal trainer!

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Given Kirk’s age, it’s no surprise the host was stunned!

Actually, the acting legend has been working out for a long time. Back when he was 90, he had a trainer Mike with whom he worked for 3 decades. Unfortunately, the man passed away, as he was even older than Kirk at that point. How old was he?

He said, '94.’ So his trainer was 94-years-old when he was 90.

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Do you think regular exercises can be the key to his longevity, as they help keep organs healthy and joints mobile?


We’re pretty sure that Anne Buydens, the legend’s wife of 60+ years, is supportive of her husband’s work-out passion. Even though they have been together for so long, the couple are still as in love as ever.


Of course, it wasn’t always perfect, as there were times when Kirk cheated on Anne. But in her turn, the woman always forgave him and found ways of working it out.

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