Meeting Of The Year! The Trumps Met The Queen, And It Was Quite Different From The Obamas' Visit

Date July 16, 2018

Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth II has met with all of the American presidents that have served (well, with the exception of Lyndon Johnson). In 2009, she had a private meeting with Barack and Michelle Obama.

What about President Trump?


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The Queen met the 45th president on July 13. It’s well-known that Friday is usually the monarch’s day off, so it looks like she even had to cancel plans to have tea with Donald and Melania Trump.


Now, we have a bunch of photos of the three to enjoy. The 92-year-old looked stunning, wearing a blue hat and jacket. And the presidential couple must have been excited to meet the long-ruling monarch.


Donald Trump was then photographed with Her Majesty, walking alongside the Queen and inspecting the front rank of the Royal Guard. In the afternoon, the Trumps had a tea with Elizabeth II with sandwiches and scones.


Of course, since both Barack Obama and Donald Trump met the Queen over the tea, the folks on the Internet couldn’t help but point out the differences between the two meetings.

What are they?

Many said that the meeting was too short. Maybe, Elizabeth II had some other plans for her day off?

Unfortunately, we will not get to know the topic of their conversation, as it should be kept a secret.

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