"We Will Never Forgive Her": Princess Diana's Fans Attacked Duchess Camilla On Her Birthday

Date July 20, 2018

On July 17, Duchess Camilla had her 71st birthday. The royalty was on an annual tour to Cornwall with her beloved husband, Prince Charles, so she couldn’t celebrate with her in-laws.

Instead, the Duchess of Cornwall was showered with birthday wishes from both fans and official royal family Twitter accounts. But who would have thought this would soon turn into angry insults?

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We all know that late Princess Diana and the duchess had a complicated history. Charles and Camilla met when they were both young, fell in love, but married other people. They remained close friends and eventually started an affair, despite being married.

And it looks like people still can’t forgive Camilla for it

Instead of congratulating the 71-year-old, they wrote the duchess that she didn’t deserve to be in the royal family and that they would never bow to her when her husband takes to the throne.

Here are just some of the angry comments left

Luckily, supporters of Camilla rushed to Twitter as well to defend the royal lady and ask Diana's fans to get over the events that took place more than 2 decades ago.

What do you think, did Camilla deserve such treatment on her birthday?

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