"Good King Harry": Princess Diana Believed Harry Would Handle Being King Better Than William. Why?

Date May 14, 2018

Not long ago, Prince Harry was 3rd in line to the throne. But with the birth of all of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s children, he was pushed well down the line of succession.


Now, the royal redhead is 6th in line, which makes it unlikely that he will ever become a king. But there was something about him that made Princess Diana believe he should take the throne one day.

As Angela Levin, a journalist writing for a biography "Harry: Conversations with the Prince," reveals, the late princess thought it would be easier for her youngest son to serve the nation instead of William.

She even called him Good King Harry.

Why so?


The 33-year-old is easy-going, he has a great ability to cope, and he simply knows how to enjoy life. As for William, Diana was not so sure.


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Recently, the father-of-three has talked about his reluctance to become a monarch. The Prince of Wales doesn’t want to take the reins earlier, even though the majority of Britons want him to become the next king.

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As for Harry, he definitely considered life as the king. And he is quite sure he would live a relatively normal life. Despite being a royal, Harry does his own shopping. And he thinks nothing would change if he ever became a monarch.

Even if I was king, I would do my own shopping.

Still, Princess Diana can be proud of both of her sons who continue their mother’s legacy.


They pay much attention to what’s happening in Africa, fight to end the stigma surrounding AIDs and HIV, help vulnerable children, and speak openly about mental health.

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