Bindi Irwin Opens Up Lovingly About Her Late Dad Steve Irwin: "He’s With Us In Our Hearts"

Date May 7, 2018 16:15

He died in September 2006 at 44, but Steve Irwin will forever be in the hearts of his fans and family. A few days ago, the crocodile hunter received a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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His family, including his daughter, son, and wife, were there to pay tribute to Steve. And even though it’s been more than a decade since his death, they still have a lot to say about their favorite man.


19-year-old Bindi believes her extraordinary father would have been thrilled with this achievement:

He would have started with, ‘Crikey, this is so exciting!’ To have a conservationist there is a wonderful honor.


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She also reveals that she misses her dad a lot and often goes to the only place she can be close to Steve – Australia Zoo. There, the teenager likes to sit down with kangaroos after the zoo is closed, thinking about life.

And it’s really special for me. And so that’s kind of where I spend my evenings.


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Her brother, Robert, shares the same opinion. Even if you just walk through the zoo, you can still feel Steve’s presence there. And everyone working in the locale, which is over 400 staff, is eager to continue Irwin’s legacy.


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As for Terri, Steve’s widow, she hasn’t even been on a date since his death. And she doesn’t plan to remarry. Instead, she is happy to have 2 beautiful children, which is a full plate for her.

I've already had my happily ever after.


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The family also regularly posts videos and pictures of late Steve to show that he’s never too far from their thoughts.

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