Meghan Markle Is Now The Duchess. Why Does She Still Have To Curtsy To Kate Middleton?

Date May 25, 2018

On May 19, the American beauty Meghan Markle not only became a wife of Prince Harry, she also became the Duchess of Sussex. In a similar fashion, Kate Middleton gained the title of the Duchess of Cambridge thanks to tying the knot with Prince William.


While both are now duchesses, the 36-year-old will continue having to curtsy to her sister-in-law. But there’s a simple reason behind it.


Obviously, Meghan has to curtsy to all royals that outrank her, including Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Philip, her son Prince Charles, and even Charles’ wife Camilla. And since William is second in line to the throne, he and his wife also receive a curtsy.

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But that’s not the weirdest thing. The former actress is also required to bend the knee to blood princesses, such as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. But only when she meets them without her husband.

If the royal redhead is present, then princesses have to curtsy to Meghan because, together with Harry, she outranks them. In Kate’s case, the Britain's intense ranking structure is even more complicated.


For example, the mother-of-three has to curtsy to Duchess Camilla. With William, she doesn’t have to do that, unless Prince Charles is present.


Royal watchers are very attentive when it comes to the protocol. On Harry and Meghan’s wedding day, unusual editing and a camera blunder didn’t allow those watching the broadcast to see the moment of the bride doing a curtsy to the Queen.

As a result, people were quick to blame the American for upsetting the monarch, though she followed the protocol that time.

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