Oscar Nominee June Squibb Only Found Success At 84 In 'Nebraska': This Is Her Road To Fame


May 28, 2018 11:22 By Fabiosa

Actress June Squibb has played supporting roles in numerous movies, including Scent of a Woman, In & Out, Alice, and others. But she only gained success and recognition at 84 after she had landed a role in 2013 film Nebraska.

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At that time, the actress had more than a 60-year career. But when she was discovered, she was not used to all the attention at all.

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The scene-stealing role in the black-and-white drama had Squibb up for Best Supporting Actress nominations at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes! What was the reason for such success?

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Without any doubt, June nailed her portrayal of Kate Grant, a woman whose aging husband thinks he won a sweepstakes. And when she watched the movie, she realized she drew inspiration from her mother who was an alcoholic:

She was an alcoholic, and that's hard. That's hard to deal with. She was not a nurturing person at all.

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The actress has been dreaming of performing since she was a child. Shortly after high school, she started dancing and singing with a theater company.

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Then, Squibb went to New York to audition together with her friend, music director Jack Lee. And finally, June got her break on Broadway in Gypsy (she played a stripper there).

Apart from Broadway, the actress also performed on cruise ships and in road companies. Sometimes, she modeled if there was no job.

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When June was in her 60s, she decided to turn to movies. And decades later, Nebraska became her biggest movie role ever.

Now, the actress is 88, and she doesn’t intend to stop there. You have probably seen her in such hit TV shows as Devious Maids and Shameless.

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