Robin Williams Accidentally Broke De Niro's Nose In 'Awakenings' And Only Made Him More Handsome

Date May 18, 2018

Celebrities’ life is always in spotlight. It looks like we know everything about our favorite stars. But when they pass away, unknown secrets and details often get revealed.

For example, did you know that Robin Williams, who died almost four years ago, had a brain disease, which was the reason for his depression and suicide?

In a new biography, "Robin," Dave Itzkoff revealed that the legendary actor had dementia. As it progressed, Williams could not remember his lines and carry on with his acting.

But there’s another interesting detail mentioned in the book. As it turns out, Robin Williams made Robert De Niro more attractive – by breaking his nose!

© Awakenings (1990) / Columbia Pictures

Yes, you read it right. The two A-list actors starred together in Awakenings, where Williams played a doctor and De Niro – a patient.

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While shooting one of the scenes, Robin slipped up and broke his co-star’s nose. Of course, it was only an accident, and De Niro was not mad at all!

© Awakenings (1990) / Columbia Pictures

Actually, Robert was even grateful. The actor broke nose back in 1980, so breaking it one more time worked out for better. As he said:

The thing is, my nose was broken once before, and he knocked it back in the other direction — straightened it out. It looks better than it did before.

© Awakenings (1990) / Columbia Pictures

Williams and De Niro remained friends until Robin’s death. When Robert received Friars Club award in 2014, he even dedicated it to his late buddy.


We all miss you, Robin Williams!

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