There Is One Princess Diana's Wish That Prince Harry Is Going To Fulfill By Marrying Meghan Markle

Date May 7, 2018

It’s no secret that Prince Harry was close to his late mother, Princess Diana. When she passed away, the boy was only 12 years old. And since he didn’t get the support he desperately needed, the young troubled man became a true royal rebel.

As he finally began to cope with his grief, the prince realized it was time to settle down a bit. Harry’s brother, William, was already married and happy, so the royal redhead wanted that for himself too.


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Now, it looks like the prince has finally found a great match – Meghan Markle. And by marrying her on May 19, he will actually fulfill one of his mother’s wishes.


As Lady Colin Campbell, a royal biographer, says, Princess Diana would totally approve her son’s decision:

I would imagine she would have been absolutely thrilled.

And there’s a reason why. As it turns out, the People’s Princess wanted her sons to choose appropriate life partners who would help the royals to keep in touch with the society.

Diana wanted her sons to be 'Men first and princes second'.

According to the biographer, Prince Harry’s bride will definitely benefit the monarchy and help him through his responsibilities.

Late Princess will also not be forgotten on her son’s nuptials day. Her side of the family will be well represented at the wedding, including Harry’s uncle, aunts, and all of his cousins.

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