'NCIS: Los Angeles' Chris O’Donnell Shares His Secret To A Happy Marriage Of 22 Years With Wife Caroline

Date March 27, 2019

The TV show NCIS might be a hit series with some of the highest paid and most talented actors, but its spinoff NCIS: Los Angeles is no worse. Take, for example, Chris O’Donnell who is best known for his lead role as Special Agent G. Callen.


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Apart from starring in the popular TV series, the actor also appeared in a few movies, including Men Don’t Leave, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Scent of a Woman. Per show, Chris makes $150 thousand, and his total net worth is more than 10 million!


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But despite all this success his family also holds a special and important place in his life. O’Donnell has been happily married to his wife Caroline for more than 20 years.

What is the secret to their strong marriage?

Actually, many people can relate to it. As Chris revealed in an interview with PEOPLE:

Somebody told us before we got married, ‘Don’t go to bed angry with each other,’ it’s a little thing but it means a lot. If something is bothering you talk it out.

Another part of the secret he shared might not be applicable to everyone. The key to a strong relationship is just to find the right person with whom you can have good communication. Sounds easy, but is it so in reality?

Do Chris and Caroline have any children?

They do! The couple is proud parents to 5 beautiful children. They had their firstborn Lily back in 1999. Over the next years, they also welcomed Christopher (2000), Charles (2003), Finley (2006), and Maeve (2007).

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We wonder, would ant of the kids follow in their dad’s footsteps?

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